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Unspoken Route Pt2 (Modern Cinderella Fanfic)
    The drive to South Edel felt like hours.  Emma pushed her foot down where the gas would have been, silently begging the driver to hurry.
    What little makeup she used covered the dark circles under her eyes and her hair was brushed to the point that it shined.  Every few seconds she would look at her phone, the address to The Hidden Leader staring back at her.  Aiden had sent her the address to his bar instead of his apartment so they would be able to meet sooner.  He filled in the space between when Sophie left and when she started working at the bar.  He detailed his exasperation with the naive puppy of a woman he took pity on, but Emma could tell he cared.
    Emma’s heart raced as the scenery passed her by, hands gripping her phone and purse.  Even though it had been a few days since she last saw Sophie, it felt like years.
    An image of Sophie filled her mind.  Long feather
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Unspoken Route Part 1 (Modern Cinderella Fanfic)
    The waiting was the worst of it.  No word, no news, only silence, time passing slower than usual from the sorrow.
    Emma could only stare up at the ceiling, the crystal chandelier imported from Italy catching the rays of the morning sun.  Dark rings had developed around her winter blue eyes, sleep a distant memory.  Knots had developed in her ashen blonde hair as well.  She couldn’t even remember the last time she joined her family in one of the usual Sullivan social events.  Then again, Sophie was the only reason she ever went to them.
    Days had passed since Sophie ran away from home.  A lifetime of following the path crafted by her mother for her had finally broke her.  Lashing out against the pretenders surrounding her with false praise and affection, she left her family’s mansion with nothing but the clothes on her back.  Since then a weight lay heavy on her heart.  If onl
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Chaotic Cuteness! by Ravenshymn Chaotic Cuteness! :iconravenshymn:Ravenshymn 2 0 Meet Harley Quinn by Ravenshymn Meet Harley Quinn :iconravenshymn:Ravenshymn 9 8
6/1/2016 (Until I can find a better title)
My skeletons bear the names that haunt me to this day
    My ribcage is made up of thousands of cracks that say "Broken"
        My wrists hold the mark of "Death" as it begs for steel that I have kept from it
            My ankles are bound in barbed wire that scratch in the name "Pathetic" whenever it can
                My skull, bleached by the bright light of pain and suffering, cries out "Worthless" when it isn't screaming "Damaged"
                    My cheekbones are "Needy" as they reveal nothing, but reflect an image of too much flesh
                        My jaw is "Wanting" things that the lips and tongue has sewn shut
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Mentis Morbum #3
*hunger even though its a struggle just to finish a meal before the cold sets in
*waking up when the sky is still dark for no reason, save for when my heart is sore
*when it hits, its a push away from icy to a shove towards darkness to holding me under into the depths of oblivion, where oxygen becomes crystal spheres in my lungs
*events that once calmed the voices lost their luster such as books and the stories in my heart
*finding solace only in sleep and the videos others made to make the world laugh
*mind wanders to places that kill or places that are as far from reality as I can go, even when the black line blinks against white or words need my attention
*anxiety grips my heart in its sharp talons
*my body makes it's own earthquakes, brining my heart to fear again
*hope fading so quickly it's hard to find it long after the trigger is pulled
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Mentis Morbum #2
I have of late lost all my self and reside in the dreaded pools of madness, drained of much, if not all, of my once valued work. My shoulder blades burn with a desire to go to a place called home, but my heart is sore with the fear that to get there I will have to go through the Inferno.
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Mentis Morbum #1
The emotions lingered longer than needed,
and I know time well enough.
By the next year, it said, things will get worse,
The world will try to end us yet again.
Drowning and more chaos and death
And people without a place to go.
The professor meant well, or so I tell myself,
Trying to be honest and make us think
About how the world is dying because of us.
But it made me think about apocalypse futures
Where we're dead or dying and everything,
Every thought, every story in my head,
Was a waste of time and life because
It's all at the bottom of a new ocean
Like my dreams and hopes and worth.
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The Cargo
    The merchant walked along the cobblestone path, the scent of meadow flowers tickling his nose.  He brushed the dust and pollen off his faded clothes and graying beard to have something to do.  All the songs he knew were spent hours ago, leaving only the wind to sing its melody.  But he had no choice but to ignore any music that reached his ears.  His life depended on it.
    The merchant almost missed the gathering of people in elaborate clothing and the red and gold flags dancing with the wind until they were almost upon him.  He stopped and moved to one side to let them pass, but instead the group stopped beside him.  The head of the procession, a young man in rich fabrics that were cut in a simple design, looked directly at the merchant.
    “Sir,” the stranger began, “where are you headed?”
     “To the nearest market.  The sailor
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    Ember would often wander the borders between the past and the future when she was dreaming.  There she would be covered in starlight and dance on the threads of Fate as if she were the only being in the Universe.  There she could see into the heart of Time and unearth its deepest secrets if she would only stay and search long enough.  But Ember knew that she belonged in the present and would drown in history and eternity if she chose to keep her eyes closed.
    Her dreams were a part of her Gift, a special ability given to only a select few each century.  Her Gift only came every three hundred years.  The Gift of an Oracle.
    In Ember’s present, being an Oracle would result in death or imprisonment for life in service to the Crown.  Despite the plainness of her face and the nearly undetectable curves of her figure that would have given her the former option, the flaming quality of her
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Insanity's Perspective Ch7
    Xander hung up the phone smiling to himself.  His conversation with Kathy went better than he thought.  He could practically hear the small town girl blushing on the other end, melting with every word he spoke.  If she has any secrets, it won’t take long for him to uncover each and every one of them.
    “Hey,” he called out to his roommate.  “Are you almost ready?”
    “Just about.  You might want to clean your towels, though.”
    “I’ll deal with that later.  C’mon, we’re going to be late.”
    “Alright, I’m coming.”
    Xander adjusted his wine-colored tie, a stark contrast to the ashen coloring of his seemingly expensive suit and his crisp, colorless shirt.  Heaven knew his skills as a private investigator and the amount of paranoid clie
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A Dream Reimagined
    The first time I walked down these halls I was a child who didn’t understand the lines between dreams and real life.  I believed that the mural on the ceiling was angels dancing with half animal creatures as the sky held them there.  I would imagine the giants who worked into the night to craft the thunderous stones into the walls that held the gemstones that served as the glass in the windows.  Those were the days when I used to believe that the trees that were used to make the doors came from magical lands that would take me anywhere I wanted to go.
    But I was only a child then and now I am at the age where dreams are just images that play in my head as I sleep.  So when I closed my eyes after a long day filled with printed words and useless information I expected just another story that I would watch from a distance.  I was not willing to believe that I would be taken back to a time when I used to believe
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    I’ve never understood the reason behind naming a town Summerville, no matter how monotonous the seasons are.
    Sadly the name isn’t the only thing that irritates me.  After living in this town for five months I still can’t understand the need for me to live outside the town’s limits in order to keep up the façade of being a seventeen year old female going to Summerville High and working at the local coffee shop.  Where I come from, where I belong, people my age are considered adults, not “minors” who need “parental supervision.”  Still, I have to live out my exile, which means obeying foreign yet strange laws.
    Living in this town means I must constantly play a game of pretend every time I leave my apartment.  Today’s costume involves my wearing a black t-shirt with paint splatters thanks to my attempts at creating a gallery-worthy piece fo
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Death Won't Find You Here
    Stories change.  Lives change.  Everything around you changes.  One can only hope that, in this sea of changes, at least one will bring them to the shore.
    Yet, sometimes, dear Reader, what at first appears to be a bad hand given by Fate becomes the very thing that makes Life worth living, the one thing that makes all those painful paths and broken promises and ruined dreams and long-standing regrets seem like blessings, all because they were what lead you to what you’ve been searching and waiting your whole life for.
    Such a thing happened on a cold and rainy night in June.  The streets were like liquid charcoal and sea-soaked ash, filled to capacity with lives going in too many and not enough directions, lives that cared very little for those around them.
    A lone figure sat on a wooden bench as people passed them by without a second glance.  Her face and form wa
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Book Cover Challenge by Ravenshymn Book Cover Challenge :iconravenshymn:Ravenshymn 13 5
A Twist of Fate
    I never intended for my life to end like this.
    The icy water holds me longer than my mother did when I left for school halfway across the world, tighter than the knots that held my bed sheets together as I scaled the school’s stone walls, and with much less warmth than my winter clothes as I joined my fellow sailors and merchants as we crossed a frozen ocean so that we could sell our cargo.  I never saw what hit our ship, only the jagged edges of glaciers passing us by and the garnet of our sails covering me and my companions as we fell into the freezing water. 
    I can feel myself falling, the weight of my thick and fur-lined clothing sinking into my skin along with the liquid ice trying to get past my lips and into my lungs.  My honey toned hair dances with an invisible partner, getting into my coffee-colored eyes.  It’s only a matter of time before the need to breathe takes over and
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Photographs, digital images, not to mention some of my writing projects are here. I appreciate any feedback so if you would be so kind as to comment on my work I would be very gratefull for it. If there are any of my pictures or images you want prints of just tell me and I will make it avaliable

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So I've been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition since the summer and I've got to be honest: its addicting!.  Seriously, the environments, the story, and the frigging characters are amazing! 

This addiction has resulted in my stories to have more development, but I also want to write fanfics of my Inquisitors, so if that's ok with you I'll submit them here, or maybe on my page.  Will update with the result.
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I believe in God but I am not a part of the stereotypes: I don't force my beliefs down people's throats, I don't judge people because they don't believe in what I do, and I think gay people are just that: people, and don't deserve to be judged. Some of my writing projects would be considered Religious Fiction, which means that my faith is a major part of my writing. I sometimes write poems and I'm currently working on a fanfic on as well as a few writing projects here. Some of the earlier stuff in my gallery was added by my best friend Kalyn when she was helping me get started here on DA. She's cool, even if she sometimes hacks my account.

I will be the first to admit that I tend to have an obsession with writing stories. I appreciate feedback on them, so I would love to hear what your opinions are. I wish I could draw and paint as well as the people I see here on DA, but sadly my talents seem to be limited to stories and photographs. It would be nice to have someone be inspired to do something based on my work, but I have no idea how I'm going to get my work out or if anyone is interested.

I tend to have a variety of projects that I work on, since I can’t seem to stop thinking about plots and characters. Some of my work is on FictionPress (Raven's Hymn), Fanfiction (Raven’s Hymn)(Once Upon a Time fanfic is there), and Mudboard (ravenshymn).

Oh.... and.... upset me and my mutant kittens will eat your legs. Or I will send my mutant cats to eat your hair. Depends on if I'm in a good mood or not. I create a vatiety of things in my secret lab that I may mention in my Journal or in a conversation, unless my assistant messes with the cloning machine (again). She may be pretty, but she's not that bright. I would post a picture of her, but seeing as I am powerless to execute what is in my mind through drawing, I cannot. And yes, I am crazy, and I like it that way.

That is all, for now.


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